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Dragon uniform is uniform supplier  in China. Our strengths are to provide high degree of customization, Preferential price and good quality to customers who would like to actualize their designs into real products.We have experience in this textile industry for over 20 years and have been involved with export market which we believe on-time delivery, our merchandising team is long experience and able to communicate fluent in Chinese and English , address customers’needs and requirements precisely and offer the tailor-made services to our customers.

We are specialized in providing different kinds of uniform and work-wear which are suitable for different companies’ as staff uniform and also event uniform. We provide various garment styles which range from simple cut & sewn like T-shirt,Polo-shirt, Pullover, Hoody, Zip-up, sweaters, and we also extend our products to woven wear which including shirt, cargo pants, woven pants, woven jacket,PU-coated hard shell jackets etc. For more information, pls. visit our product page for more detail information.


Address your needs with various fabrications and garment style (Dragon Uniform) :
Synthetic / Woven Fabric (different fabric compositions are provided)
Heavy duty Work-wear, Uniform, Outdoor Jackets – water repellent, wind-stopping with light and breathable PU coating. 
Cargo Pants / Shorts, Shirt, formal uniform – durable, wrinkle-free, easy care

Cut & Sewn Fabric (knitted fabric to achieve different needs):
Tee-shirt, Vest, Polo t-shirt – 100% cotton jesery, Pique, Ribs, Interlock etc. 
Functional Sportswear – CoolMax, Coolplus, 3M Dry-fit Mesh
Pullover, Zip-up, Hoody – Fleece, Polo-fleece, Waffle, Velour, Terry

In today’s market, quality, price and services have been become the most essential attributes, Uniform-standard is Quality and Service Driven, our professional service representatives will provide you full information about the merits and limitations that occur in a special fabrication and other textile materials are being brought into production. Due to the fact that textile goods are of physical materials which generate physical limitations and certain observable fact of color fading and deviation, shrinkage etc. after repeated usage and washing are unavoidable. For heavy work-wear usage for example, we recommend customers to provide detail information during enquiry stage so that we could gather and provide as much information as we could to lower the possible issues that will happen in bulk production stage.

Responsive Delivery(Dragon uniform manufacturer):
Speed to market and on-time delivery have always been in our top priorities, Uniform-standard is dedicated to provide speedy lead time to meet customers’ request, as we believe that it is a critical factor that customers must have the right products to the right market in the right time, our experienced merchandising representatives will provide special monitoring and keep update about production status to track down production in details and conduct preventive measures in case of special issues happened, we also provide very special order with fixed and guarantee lead time to help customer achieve certain special programs.

Logo Printing / Customization(Dragon uniform manufacturer):
Logo is a major customization for a garment, especially for uniforms. Uniform-standard offers a wide range of logo printing technologies, ranging from basic screen printing, embroidery, heat-set printing to different laser and ink-jet printings, we aim to provide customers a broad range of choices and fulfill customers’ needs. We have pre-production on the logos to allow customers to check the quality and outlook, and we also welcome customers to suggest or collaborate with us to achieve certain complicated logo designs and printing.

Work-wear(Dragon uniform factory):
Work-wear is basically uniform that employees wear during work, for certain working environment, work-wear maybe required to fulfill different purposes, like need to be durable, wrinkle-free, resistant to wearing etc. Therefore, different fabrications could be considered when producing such garment. Uniform-standard offers a wide range of fabrics for different work-wear purposes; pls. contact our sales representatives for more information.

Company Uniform (Dragon uniform factory):
Company uniform could give consistent company image, and enhance people’s recognition towards the company, Uniform-standard provided different staff uniform designs and also help customer to actualize their ideas into real uniform products.

Cut & Sewns (Dragon uniform factory):
Tee-shirt will be the most basic garment styles that people will wear in daily life, small branded knitwear with creative designs attracts consumers. In the world of fast fashion, design and creative elements are the keys to get customers toward a brand. For brands like H&M, Zara, Uniqulo, they are with simple and creative designs yet at very competitive prices which attracts a lot of consumers. Uniform-standard could also offer such product for small to medium size buyers and build up the brand image in design driven and create comfortable wearing feelings. There are also various other types of garments like Polo-shirt, Zip-up, Hoody, Pullover etc which Uniform-standard could offer and customize base on customers’ request.

Woven Tops, Windbreaker & Jacket(Dragon uniform factory):
Outdoor garments are becoming more fashionable, lighter and fitter according to the trend, yet they have to still serve certain functional requirements. Uniform-standard provides different fabric choices (breathable PU-laminated fabric, and water repellent & wind-shielding fabric etc.) which allow customers to arrange different combinations in making these types of garments.

Sportswear, Track Suit(Dragon uniform factory):
Uniform-standard provides different kinds of sportswear which are used in different sport activities, for example, from leisure active style wear to basketball and football uniform which using dry-fit fabrics, and also Yoga-wear to kids sports track suit, we provide them in good quality and competitive price, yet with flexible MOQ and high degree of customization.

Shirt(Dragon uniform factory):
Shirts are more formal dressing garments; usually they are widely used in retail business as shops uniform and service industry as front desk uniform. Uniform-standard provides different styles of shirt customization, with elegant and tight-fit cutting which could present profession impression to customers, we could also collaborate collections of shirt or other uniform design and development with our customers to actualize what customers need.