Reflective Fabrics

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Industrial Fabrics:



Fabric-LY-Reflective Tape-20101010

Fabric-JOH-Reflective PVC-For industrial uniform use-20101010

Fabric-JOH-Reflective Tape-20101010

Fabric-JOH-Reflective Multi Purpose Board -20101010

Fabric-LY-industrial uniform use-PiPiNG-20101010

Fabric-LY-Mesh 3004-For industrial vest use-Mesh-20101010

布-KT-56308-58 Width-螢光布-20101010 布-KT-56308-58 Width-螢光布-20101010 布-KT-56308-58 Width-螢光布-20101010

反光带 反光带 皮革反光材料 反光片 反光材料 萤光网布 萤光网布

The above fabric is mainly applied in Industrial Wear / Safety Vest / Worker Uniform

The above color swatch is for on screen viewing reference which may appear different from actual color swatch, pls. contact Dragon Uniform or visit our company to check out the actual color.