Shirts (Woven)

Twill TC(workwear use)  |  Twill TC(shirts use)
Strip Shirt-1  |   Strip Shirt-2  |   Poly Cotton Twill
Woven-shirts fabric(stripe/check)-1  |  CVC Oxford

Shirt woven:

Fabric-TC-Twill TC-65%-polyester-35%-cotton-Shirt-20090714_igift


Fabric-strip shirt-1-chef-catering uniform use-20101013

Fabric-strip shirt-2-chef-catering uniform use-20101013

Fabric-65%-Polyester-35%-Cotton-21s X 21s-Cap hat-Shirts-Pants use-Poly -cotton twill-20111121

Fabric-Woven-shirts fabric-stripe check-35% cotton-65% polyester-20110602

Fabric-CVC Oxford-60% cotton-40% polyester-144cm-20110714

BA  11116-1_igiftBA 11066-1_igiftBA 11145-1_igiftBA 21147-1_igiftBA 31042-1_igiftGA 9011-1_igiftNOS3049-1_igiftNOS4007-1_igiftNOS4009(1)-1_igiftNOS4009-1_igiftNOS4010-1_igiftNOS4031-1_igiftNOS4039-1_igift

The above fabric is mainly applied in Shirt / Smart casual garment style


The above color swatch is for on screen viewing reference which may appear different from actual color swatch, pls. contact Dragon Uniform or visit our company to check out the actual color.